Green Initiatives
Our Commitment towards environment

Building a greener and sustainable tomorrow:

In the present global climatic scenario, energy conservation is an immediate concern. The company pledges to reduce its carbon footprint by continuously improving its operational processes and thereby increasing efficiency. The company plans to make substantial capital investments to ensure proper treatment of emissions and effluents from the power plant and minimize pollution. Some of the steps taken by IPL for effective environmental management are mentioned below.

Dust concentration at ESP exit will be below 50 mg/normal meter cube. The dust concentration level in the chimney will be regularly monitored.

Use of pulse jet type bag filters to control the fugitive emission in the coal crushing and conveying circuit.

The quantity of SOx/ NOx emission will be maintained as per the pollution control board norms and guidelines. The stack height is chosen as 85m to limit ground level Sox, NOx concentration within acceptable limits by proper dispersion. With a properly designed furnace and boiler system, generation of NOx and CO will be minimal.

Ash from the silo will be disposed off for the following uses

Local manufacturing of bricks

Local cement manufacturing companies

Road and other constructions in nearby areas

In house fly ash brick plant for own usage

Land fill required in low lying areas/ abandoned coal mines.