Norms to maintain pollution control

Emission level : 50mg/ Nm3 at Stack outlet

Noise level : 75dB (a) average at 1.5m from equipment

Liquid Effluents:

Our plant would require 300 litres of dimeneralized water every hour and therefore would generate acidic and basic effluents after each recharge. All effluents of these types would be drained in a neutralizing basin and neutralized by proper agents. This water would then be checked for PH and then be drained.

In re-circulating cooling water system, the makeup water is clarified water. Blow down water from cooling water system would be used for dust suppression at coal handling plant, floor and service areas cleaning and gardening.

Water will also be used for storing Ash in the medium term in a slurry form; the water used for making slurried ash would be reused from the bottom of the ash pond. Water thus circulated would be environmentally friendly.

The plant would work on a Zero Discharge system whereby all our liquid discharges would be properly treated and then used for in house applications including watering of green belt.

Used oil would be sold to certified reprocessors. These companies process the used oil and sell it for other secondary uses.

Heat loss through the furnace would be suitably dispersed by a high cooling tower. Most of the heat would also be rejected as evaporation loss in the cooling tower therefore would not cause major thermal pollution.